Introducing The New

Mediabridge Blog-01 gets a fresh new look.

Welcome to the new! The focus of this site is to provide any information you may need about our products. Whether you are looking for specifications, support documents, warranty assistance, instructional videos, or are just browsing, this new site has been redesigned with you in mind.

What is Industry Insights?

Industry Insights is a blog that intends to deliver just that. We want to share with you the expertise we have collected over the years. The experiences we call upon range from being a leading supplier to the commercial broadband industry since 1998 to being a direct-to-consumer manufacturer since 2007. We also draw from our time being a top seller on Amazon since 2008 and from being just like you, everyday consumers along for the ride on this journey through the warp speed evolution of consumer electronics.

What kind of blog posts will we see here?

Here are some of the topics we plan to explore:

  • Buzz word explanations and myth debunking
  • Product type comparisons
  • Perspective from an American based electronics manufacturer
  • New tech not yet widely adopted
  • Analysis of the Amazon environment and other marketplaces

Stay Tuned!

Check back for our monthly posts! We welcome any and all feedback on our new site or any blog topics you’d like to see covered. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind. Your feedback is invaluable.