4600mAh Portable Power Bank – 5V/2A


  • Can Provide 2 Full Charges To Your iPhone 6 (1.2 Charges To iPhone 6 Plus)
  • 0.3” Slim Design Allows One-Handed Use Of Your Smartphone While It Charges
  • 2 Amp Output Charges Your Device Quickly (2.5 HR For Full Charge To iPhone 6)
  • Can Also Provide Extra Power To Tablets, Cameras & More
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Up to 2 Full Charges

2 Amp output can provide 2 full charges to your iPhone 6 or 1.2 charges to your iPhone 6 Plus.

Slim Design

The 0.3 inch ergonomic design allows for uninterrupted, one-handed use of your Smartphone while it is stacked on top of the PB4600.

Safe & Reliable

Intelligent short circuit, over-charge & over-discharge safety features ensure the prolonged lifespan of your mobile devices & the PB4600.


Use your existing charging cables with the PB4600 to provide extra power to phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, handheld gaming devices & other mobile devices.

SKU PB4600


Product Type POWER BANK

USB Ports Input (1) Micro-USB

Output (1) USB-A

Electrical Battery Capacity 4600mAh / 3.7V

Ouput 5 Volt DC, 2 Amps

Input 5 Volt DC, 1 Amp

Dimensions Width 2.8in

Length 4.9in

Depth .3in

Weight 4.4oz

Included Cables Charging Cable 2ft USB 2.0 Micro-B

Safety Feature 1 Over-Charge Protection

Feature 2 Over-Discharge Protection

Feature 3 Intelligent Short Circuit Protection

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

Why does the PB4600 provide less than a 4600mAh charge to my devices?

Energy stored in the most popular external batteries is 3.7V. To match the input voltage required by most mobile devices (4.89V), the PB4600 converts its stored energy to that of the connected device. An estimated 30% power loss from this conversion is common for the best & most popular external batteries in the market.

Why is there a red "X" over the battery symbol of my device when being charged by the PB4600?

Please use the charging cable included with your mobile device. If you see a red "X" when using this cable, make sure the cable is working properly. If it is, use the cable included with the PB4600 to charge.

Why are the LED indicators not 100% accurate in relaying the remaining energy stored in the PB4600?

The LED's may need to be recalibrated if the PB4600 was not fully recharged. In order to recalibrate the LED's, connect the PB4600 to a USB charging device until all 4 LED indicators are solidly lit.

Why does the PB4600 not charge my iPad as fast as the charger included by Apple?

The PB4600 has a max output of 2A while the newest, full sized iPads have a max input of 2.4A. The PB4600 will still charge these iPads, just a slightly slower pace.

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4600mAh Portable Power Bank - 5V/2A

4600mAh Portable Power Bank - 5V/2A


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