Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge


  • CONVENIENT OPEN FACE DESIGN: Stop fighting with cheap armbands that have vinyl plastic covering the screen which can make accessing your phone’s screen more difficult. AB1 features completely open & easy access to your phone’s screen. AB1 also provides easy access to your phone’s other important features, such as the headphone jack, volume, power & home buttons. Please NOTE: To minimize sweat intrusion into the silicone case, AB1 covers the camera & proximity sensor.
  • *This armband is not waterproof due to the open face design. A water-resistant version of this armband is available – Amazon Part# B00T6O10W8*
  • SECURE: Our thick, strong & flexible Silicone Rubber Skin is custom molded to fit your phone precisely & will keep your phone secure even during the most vigorous workouts. Silicone is deceptively strong so you can be confident your phone will not fall out. *Make sure to remove your phone from its case prior to installing in the Silicone Skin.
  • STAYS PUT: High quality soft Elastic trap allows you to workout in comfort. Since the strap stretches, you can flex & relax your arm without worrying about the strap sliding. Strong Velcro keeps the strap at the level of tightness you choose.
  • STRAP SIZE: Elastic Velcro strap comfortably fits small arms (9″) to large arms (21″). If you have any trouble sizing your new armband to fit your arm perfectly, call, Email or visit our YouTube channel, MediabridgeUSA, for simple visual instructions.


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Open Where You Need It…

The touch screen is exposed to allow you to easily change a song, access an app or check the pace of your workout. We’ve left the headphone jack open too so you can listen to music or your virtual trainer. The volume buttons, home button & power button are also usable through the silicone case.

…Closed Where You Don’t

In order to keep out as much sweat & moisture as possible the rear-facing camera & non-essential features of the phone are covered by the silicone case. These armbands give you the best of both worlds: open accessible touch screen & safely covered areas that aren’t used during your workout.

Comfortable Stretchy Strap

Many armbands use a Neoprene strap, which don’t allow you to flex your arm or get a comfortable tight fit. We use a high quality Velcro that’s soft & stretchy so you can flex your arm in comfort while still keeping a nice tight fit that won’t slide.

Safe & Secure

A deceptively durable silicone case stretches enough to easily get your phone in & out & will keep your phone safely in place during strenuous workouts. The silicone case is made to perfectly fit your phone without a case to ensure your phone will not fall out.




Compatibility Samsung Galaxy S6

Strap Material Soft Elastic Velcro

Arm Circumference 9~21in

Color Black

Case Material Soft Silicone

Color Black

Device Features Power Button Accessible Through Soft Silicone Case

Touch Screen Openly Accessible

Volume Accessible Through Soft Silicone Case

3.5mm Jack Openly Accessible

Front Camera Covered

Rear Camera Covered

Proximity Sensor Openly Accessible

Microphone Covered

Speaker Covered

Home Button Accessible Through Soft Silicone Case

Charging Port Covered

Mute -

Back Button Accessible Through Soft Silicone Case

Call Button Accessible Through Soft Silicone Case

Fingerprint Scanner -

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

Will the strap slide down my arm?

No, the flexible Velcro strap can be secured to your arm so that you can comfortably flex your arm but will also keep your device in place without sliding down your arm.

Is this armband safe to use in the rain?

Due to the open design, caution should be taken when using this armband in inclement weather.

Can the silicone case be used as an everyday case for my device?

No, some features of your device are covered to prevent sweat intrusion and to make the silicone case as sturdy as possible.

Can I leave my existing case on my device while using this armband?

No, the silicone case has been designed to perfectly fit your device so that we can ensure your phone will be safe and that you may have access to essential functions such as the volume, power, home button, headphone port and touch screen.

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Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge


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