Component Video Cables with Audio (12 Feet)


  • 1080i HD Support
  • Audio & Video In A Compact Bundled Design
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Nylon Braided Covering For Added Protection
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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SKU: 70-040-12B

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Audio & Video

Connect your cable or satellite box, game console & other audio / video equipment to your TV or projector. Three video connectors (red, blue & green) correspond to the “PR/CR” “PB/CB” & “Y” inputs on your TV or device & two audio connectors (pink & white) correspond to the left & right audio inputs.


This 1080i-capable cable combines component video and analog audio into one sleek nylon-sleeved cable that keeps all five connections bundled neatly in a single slim cable..

The Long and Short

Whether you want a clutter-free short connection or you want to plug in your device from across the room, we have a variety of lengths to fit your needs.

Gold Plated

Gold plated connectors prevent corrosion and create a low-resistance connection.

SKU 70-040-12B



Length 12 Feet

Connectors Left Video (3) RCA type Component Video Connectors - Gold Plated

Left Audio (2) RCA type Audio Connectors - Gold Plated

Right Video (3) RCA type Component Video Connectors - Gold Plated

Right Audio (2) RCA type Audio Connectors - Gold Plated

Cable Jacket PVC

Sleeve Nylon Braid

Outer Diameter 8.5mm

Conductors (5) 30AWG (7/0.1mm) Bare Copper

Shielding Foamed PE

Performance Supported Resolutions Up to 1080i

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

Will this cable allow me to connect my device with Component outputs to my TV which only has HDMI inputs (or vice versa)?

No, this cable is for Component to Component connections only. It does not support HDMI on either end of the cable. In order to connect a device that requires component to a device that requires HDMI, you would need a converter box and two separate cables.

Does this cable provide HD?

Yes, this cable supports 1080i which is HD. Most cable boxes and satellite boxes only support up to 1080i however for full HD in 1080p (ie: Bluray) you would need to use HDMI.

Can I use this cable for my device or TV that has Red, White & Yellow ports?

Yes, you can use the Red, Blue & Green connections on this cable with composite (Red, White & Yellow) ports however both your source device (ie: cable box) and your TV would have to have Red, White & Yellow ports for this to work. You cannot connect Red, Blue & Green ports on one end and Red, White & Yellow Ports on the other end or else you will have no sound and the video will not display properly.

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Component Video Cables with Audio (12 Feet)

Component Video Cables with Audio (12 Feet)


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