Dual USB 3.4A 17W Car Charger


  • Charge 2 Phones At Once
  • 2.4 Amp Port For Large Phones Or Tablets
  • Over-Charge Protection Switches To A 50mA Trickle Charge When Device Is At 100%
  • Spring Loaded Ball Bearings Keep Charger In Your Vehicle's 12V Outlet
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Charge 2 phones or MP3 players at the same time or charge a tablet & a phone/MP3 player at the same time.


Equipped with over-charge protection. Charger switches to a 50mA trickle charge when device’s battery is full.

Stays in the Outlet

Spring loaded ball bearings keep the charger in your vehicle’s 12V outlet.




USB Ports Port 1 2.4 Amps

Port 2 1.0 Amp

Electrical Ouput 5 Volt, 17 Watts / 3.4 Amps

Input 12 Volt DC

Dimensions Width 1.25in

Length 3in

Depth 1in

Weight .9oz

Exposed Length When In Use 1.5in

Safety Feature 1 Over-Current Protection

Feature 2 Over-Voltage Protection

Feature 3 Over-Temperature Protection

Feature 4 Over-Load Protection

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

Will my devices charge at full power?

Yes, connecting your iPhone or iPod to the 1.0 Amp port will charge at full power in AC mode. Any Apple device (including the iPad) connected to the 2.4 Amp port will also charge at full power in AC mode.

Can I charge two iPad's at once?

It is not recommended that you use the 1.0 Amp port for an iPad. The 2.4 Amp port, on the other hand, works with most devices.

Will the USB Charger work with non-Apple devices?

There is no guarantee that this charger will provide an efficient charge to those other than the compatible devices listed above.

Can I use this charger at home?

You can use the USB Charger with any 12 volt receptacle. These are most commonly found in your car.

What is AC mode?

AC mode is the most efficient charge your device can receive. It is the mode that charges your device at full power.

How long will it take to charge my device?

In AC mode, the USB charger works at speeds comparable to most power outlets. It really depends on the charging capacity of the device itself. For example, the time-frame to charge a iPod Nano will be different than that of an iPad.

Will I need cables to charge my devices?

Yes, the USB Charger requires USB charging cables for each device. These cables are not included, but you can use up to 2 of your existing cables.

Do I need to charge the USB Charger before using it?

No, your USB Charger is ready to use once it is plugged in. A red LED on the device indicates it is successfully connected.

Can I charge my devices with cases on?

That depends on the mold of your existing cables. The car charger works with standard USB Type-A Male connectors, but the cables you use need to fit your device. If not, simply remove your case and reconnect.

Will it play my device’s audio through the car speakers?

Anything audio related requires additional cabling. This product is only meant to charge your devices at full-power.

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Dual USB 3.4A 17W Car Charger

Dual USB 3.4A 17W Car Charger


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