Extended Battery Case for iPhone SE / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S


  • Double Your Battery Life - Provides 1 Full Charge For The iPhone SE/5S/5
  • Stylish & Easy To Use
  • Safely Shuts Off When Phone Is Fully Charged
  • 500 Charging Cycles
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Double Your Battery Life

Provides an extra full charge to your iPhone SE / 5S / 5 with just the push of a button.

500 Charging Cycles

Recharge up to 500 times when the case is charged separately from the phone.

Stylish & Easy To Use

Stylish power-indicated LED signals & accessibility for all iPhone SE/5S/5 buttons & functions. A smart, 3-piece snap-on construction makes assembly & installation easy. When you’re not using it, simply detach the case’s top cover by pinching the top right corner & gently pulling up, for a quick removal.


Features over-charge & discharge protection, which avoids short-circuiting, so your iPhone SE/5S/5 charges efficiently & turns off safely when completely charged.

No specifications available.

Can I charge my iPhone SE/5S/5 and the case together?

To ensure proficient battery life, charge the case and the iPhone SE/5S/5 separately.

Why isn't the case charging the iPhone SE/5S/5 after pressing the power button?

Make sure the iPhone SE/5S/5 is successfully connected to the case’s Lightning output, and that the case is charged.

Can I use other cables to charge the case?

Yes, just be certain that the cable is an officially branded 5V/1A charger.

Will this case defend my iPhone SE/5S/5 against bumps and drops?

This case is made of a thick and protective material. Given that the iPhone SE/5S/5 is delicate, you should still be careful when using it.

Can I use the case over an existing iPhone SE/5S/5 case?

No, the case fits snugly on the iPhone SE/5S/5 and will not be able to accommodate other cases. Fortunately, the case is durable enough to replace your current case.

How long will it take my case to charge my iPhone SE/5S/5?

The case charges at speeds comparable to most power outlets. A full charge takes around 2 hours.

Will this case work with existing screen protectors?

Yes, most screen protectors add little volume to the iPhone SE/5S/5. Therefore, the case will be able to accommodate them.

What types of headphones will fit this case?

The opening on the case’s bottom piece is meant to tightly fit official Apple EarPods. If your ear buds are too large, you can always remove the bottom piece.

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Extended Battery Case for iPhone SE / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S

Extended Battery Case for iPhone SE / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S


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