F81 Connector – 3GHz Female to Female F-Type Adapter (Nickel-Plated) 5 Pack


  • Connect 2 F-Type Cables To Extend The Connection
  • Maximum Rejection Of Hum/Static From RF & Electromagnetic Interference
  • 3GHz Connectors Add A Mere 1.02 in To Your High-Frequency Cable Run
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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3GHz connectors are built with nickel-plated brass for lasting performance, while its low-profile adds a mere 1.02″ to your high-frequency cable run.

Low Loss

Achieves high-quality return loss & insertion loss specifications, when compared to conventional F81 connectors.

Quality Construction

Flat port ends on each side of the connector ensures moisture ingress protection & maximum rejection of the hum/static from RF & EM interference.


Accommodates most Male F-Type connectors & wall plates for indoor & outdoor settings alike.



Product Type F81 CONNECTOR

Quantity 5

Construction Connections F-Pin Female to F-Pin Female

Orientation Straight

Body Brass

Body Finish Nickel

Electrical Frequency Range 5MHz to 3GHz

Impedance 75Ohms

Return Loss >=-24dB up to 3GHz, >=-30dB up to 1GHz

Insertion Loss <=-0.20dB up to 1GHz, <=-0.25dB up to 3GHz

Dimensions Length 1.02in

Width 0.25in

Height 0.25in

Weight .5oz

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

What is the connector used for?

It connects 2 F-Pin cables, and extends the connection of a cable box, TV, satellite receiver, VCR, cable modem, off-air antenna or other F-Type application.

Do I need existing cables to use this?

Yes, the connector requires 2 F-Pin digital audio/video cables to connect to.

Do I need more than 1 connector?

No, only 1 connector is necessary. However, you can use more than 1 if you want to further extend your cable connection (this requires extra cabling).

How do I know if I need this connector?

This connector is meant to connect multiple F-Pin cables, which extends the length of your connection. If you’re existing cable connection is too short, then this connector is right for you.

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F81 Connector - 3GHz Female to Female F-Type Adapter (Nickel-Plated) 5 Pack

F81 Connector - 3GHz Female to Female F-Type Adapter (Nickel-Plated) 5 Pack


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