FLEX Series HDMI Cable (1 Feet)


  • Supports All HDMI Features
  • Premium Flexible Construction: 34AWG, Triple Shielded & Full Metal Jacket Connectors
  • Lifetime Warranty


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Premium Build with Flexible Focus

Mediabridge Flex Series – High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet feature 34AWG conductors, foil, mylar & aluminum braid shielding, gold plated contacts & full metal jacket connector housing.


Due to a smaller gauge conductor, Flex Series Cables can support the full HDMI feature set only at certain lengths. We only make the lengths that support all features to ensure the highest quality viewing & listening experience.


Supported Features

Mediabridge HDMI cables support all HDMI features including HDR, 18Gbps transfer rates, 4K resolution, Audio Return Channel, Ultra-HD, 1080p, Dolby Surround & more.




Length 1 Foot

Connector 1 Type HDMI Type-A Male - Gold Plated

Connector Design 19-Pin Full Metal Jacket

Widest Dimension 22mm

Thickest Dimension 12mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 46mm

Connector 2 Type HDMI Type-A Male - Gold Plated

Connector Design 19-Pin Full Metal Jacket

Widest Dimension 22mm

Thickest Dimension 12mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 46mm

Cable Jacket PVC

Outer Diameter 4.2mm

Conductors Twisted Pairs - 34AWG (7/0.06mm) Tinned Copper

Shielding Layer 1 Twisted Mylar Tape

Shielding Layer 2 100% Coverage Mylar Backed Aluminum Foil

Shielding Layer 3 85% Coverage Aluminum Braiding (16x8x0.08mm)

Performance Supported Resolutions 4K@50/60 (2160p), 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i Resolutions

Video Features 3D, Highest Refresh Rates Available: 240/480Hz and 48-Bit Deep Color

Transfer Rate At Least 18Gbps

Audio Audio Return Channel, True HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio

Other Ethernet Sharing, HDCP Compliant, CEC Supported

Certifications HDMI Testing Category 2, High Speed Certified

HDMI Licensing Mediabridge is an official HDMI Adopter Licensed by HDMI Licensing, LLC.

Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Will these support HDMI 2.0 (or 2.0a)?

Yes, Mediabridge HDMI cables are certified to be High-Speed so they can support any and all features in the latest HDMI devices.

Are these cables In-Wall or CL2/CL3 rated?

Only the 50 FT version of our Ultra Series HDMI cables are CL3 In-Wall rated.

Will these cables support 4K even at the longer lengths?

Yes we use the appropriate gauge for each length cable to ensure that all HDMI features are properly supported.

What is the difference between Ultra Series and Flex Series?

The only difference is the thickness of the cable. The shielding and supported features are exactly the same.

Do I need a cable to transfer data faster than 18 Gbps?

No. There is no technology available now or in the foreseeable future that requires anything faster than 7Gbps. PS3, 3D TV, 3D BluRay, nothing requires more than 7Gbps. The High Speed HDMI specification created by HDMI Licensing requires all High Speed HDMI cables to handle at least 18Gbps which is far more than is needed for now and any time soon. Mediabridge cables are certified by an HDMI Authorized Test Center to be a High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet and therefore they have all the bandwidth and speed you could possibly need despite what some companies will tell you as they are trying to up sell you on a more expensive cable.

Why are the prices of HDMI cables so different from company to company?

Sometimes it may seem like HDMI cable retailers just make up the price of the cable based on how much money they want to make. Of course other companies have middle men, resellers, advertising budgets, celebrities they have to hire, expensive packaging, and many other reasons to charge an arm and a leg for an HDMI cable. The bottom line is, as long as the cable is certified to be a High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet by an HDMI Authorized Test Center, it can handle anything on the market so why would you need anything more? Mediabridge cables are fairly priced for a quality product and to top it all off they are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. There is no better choice.

Why does the HDMI cable have "Ethernet" and do I need it?

The addition of the Ethernet channel into HDMI cables does not affect the audio or video of the cable at all. In fact, if you don't want or need the Ethernet function, then you won't even know it's there. The reason it is there is for sharing an internet signal from device to device that are connected by HDMI. All devices need to be able to support the Ethernet over HDMI function for this to work. Most TVs, BluRay Players, and gaming systems come internet ready and this type of technology is meant to provide an alternative to a WiFi connection or running individual ethernet cables to all the devices in your A/V setup.

What is the Audio Return Channel?

The Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a new feature that is supported by some newer Receivers and HDTVs. HDMI cables have always been bi-directional and able to support this function and still do. The ARC allows for audio that originates at the display device (ie: HDTV) to travel upstream through the HDMI cable to the Receiver in order to utilize external speakers for surround sound. This is especially useful for HDTVs with built-in tuners that can pull content off-air rather than from a cable box.

Does the length of the cable matter?

Our HDMI cables have been tested and certified at the length they are manufactured. However some devices have more trouble with longer HDMI runs than other devices. Desktop PCs with HDMI ports and Projectors are the two most common devices that sometimes have trouble with long HDMI runs. We have found that 15 feet or less generally does not present a problem. Longer distances like 25ft, 35ft and 50ft may require an HDMI signal booster or Repeater if the HDMI port on the sending device does not put out enough power or the HDMI port on the receiving device is not sensitive enough to receive the signal over that distance. We do not make a signal booster or repeater but these devices can be found at Amazon.com or other online retailers.

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FLEX Series HDMI Cable (1 Feet)

FLEX Series HDMI Cable (1 Feet)


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