Hook and Loop Fastener Cable Straps (15 × 15CM, 5 × 25CM) 20 Pack


  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 20 Pack of Cable Straps (15 × 15CM & 5 × 25CM). Step-By-Step User Manual Also Included
  • ADJUSTABLE NEAT & TIDY BUNDLER: Bundle multiple cables or manage excess cable length. Unlike cable ties with a single-use lifespan, these straps are designed with reusable hook and loop fastener material
  • DUAL-TABBED DESIGN: Our 2-tabbed design allows you to keep the strap attached to your cable(s). These straps won't get lost like commonly bought single-tabbed straps
  • ORGANIZING & STORING: Manage your cables when they're not in use or when you're out & about
  • EASY TO USE & REUSE: Using & reusing your cable straps is a no-brainer, but we've included a step-by-step user manual just in case


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Dual-Tabbed Design

Our 2-Tabbed Design Allows You To Keep The Strap Attached To Your Cable(s). These Straps Won’t Get Lost Like Commonly Bought Single-Tabbed Straps.

Adjustable, Neat & Tidy Bundler

Bundle Multiple Cables Or Manage Excess Cable Length. Unlike Cable Ties With A Single-Use Lifespan, These Straps Are Designed With Reusable Hook and Loop Fastener Material.

Organizing & Storing

Manage Your Cables When They’re Not In Use Or When You’re Out & About.

How Many Cables Can Each Strap Fit?

Our straps adjust to fit a wide variety of cable gauges, ranging from thin phone chargers to thick power plugs. We even did the math, giving you a good idea of each strap’s impressive capacity.

Easy To Use & Reuse

Using & Reusing Your Cable Straps Is A No-Brainer, But We’ve Included A Step-By-Step User Manual Just In Case.

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Hook and Loop Fastener Cable Straps (15 × 15CM, 5 × 25CM) 20 Pack

Hook and Loop Fastener Cable Straps (15 × 15CM, 5 × 25CM) 20 Pack


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