Smartphone Cradle with Extended Cup Holder Mount


  • Fits Smartphones As Small As The iPhone 4 & As Big As The Samsung Note 4 (2~3.5 inches)
  • Quick Mounting System Locks & Releases Your Device In A Matter Of Seconds
  • Extended Cradle – Fits Most Car Cup Holders
  • 360° Rotation For Any Viewing Angle (Portrait Or Landscape)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Fits Phones & Phablets

Accommodates Smartphones as small as 2 in. wide (ex: Apple iPhone 4 with no case) & as big as 3.5 in. wide (ex: Samsung Note 4 with a bulky case).

Extended Arm & 360° Rotating Cradle

Arm extends 4 inches upward for easy viewing. 360° rotation for viewing your phone or phablet in portrait or landscape view.

Safe & Secure

Durable & highly adjustable cup holder mount fits into most car cup holders, while still being simple to remove & reuse without damage or sticky residues.

Quick & Easy

Mounting system locks & releases your device in a matter of seconds.




Cradle Compatibility Fits Phones 2~4in Wide

Adjustability 360° Rotation

Grips Slip-free, Spring Loaded Grips

Phone Installation Method Squeeze Side Grips To Secure Phone

Release Method One-Touch Release Button

Mount Intended Location Cup Holder

Installation Method Rotate Base of Mount to Tighten

Compatibility Cup Holders With 2.5~3.75in Diameter

Max Height From Base 5in

Maintenance -

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

Will my cradle fit Smartphones with cases?

Yes, this is a cradle with grips wide enough to hold Smartphones with bulky cases.

What type of surfaces will my cradle mount to?

The cradle will mount onto most car cup holders, with diameters ranging from 2.5”-3.75”.

Will I still be able to use my Smartphone’s buttons and ports?

Yes, the cradle is very adjustable, so you can mount your Smartphone any way you’d like. That way, you will have access to charging ports, audio jacks, volume buttons and more.

Can it be moved from car to car?

Yes, the cradle is very easy to move around when necessary and without damage. Also, keeping it in the same spot for quick Smartphone mounting works just as well.

Can I connect cables to my Smartphone while it’s mounted?

Yes, there is plenty of room on the cradle for charging cables, auxiliary cables, ear buds and more. While in the cradle, you can use cables to charge your Smartphone, play music to your car stereo, etc.

Can I activate "car mode” on my Smartphone while it’s mounted?

Yes, but you will need to activate it manually. This can be accomplished by downloading a "car mode” app or launching it on a Smartphone that comes pre-loaded with it. "Car mode” may vary among devices and apps, but it generally makes your Smartphone safer and easier to utilize while on the road.

Will the cradle fit bigger devices like tablets?

If the tablet is has a larger width than 4”, then it will not be compatible with the cradle. Certain GPS units and "phablets” (Smartphone/tablet hybrids) like the Samsung Galaxy Note are also too large for this cradle.

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Smartphone Cradle with Extended Cup Holder Mount

Smartphone Cradle with Extended Cup Holder Mount


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