Toslink Cable – Optical Digital Audio Cable (10 Feet)


  • Connects High-Performance Audio Components Like Blu-Ray Players
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Eliminates Interference
  • Flexible Yet Durable PVC Jacket
  • Protective Rubber Caps Protect The Connectors (Remove Prior To Installation)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Fiber Optics

Connect your high-performance digital audio components with the awesome clarity of increased bandwidth potential of light waves passed through highly polished center conductor encased in gold-plated buffer tubing.

No Interference

Fiber Optic cabling eliminates the possibility for Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency Interference that a metal cable would incur. This translates to a more natural sound without the need for heavy shielding throughout the cable.


A soft yet durable PVC jacket combined with the fact that this cable does not require shielding creates a lightweight flexible cable.

Protective Rubber Caps

Includes protective rubber caps that cover the tips of each end of the cable during storage & transit.




Length 10 Feet

Connector 1 Type Toslink

Widest Dimension 13mm

Thickest Dimension 13mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 28.5mm

Connector 2 Type Toslink

Widest Dimension 13mm

Thickest Dimension 13mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 28.5mm

Cable Jacket PVC

Outer Diameter 5.0mm

Conductor 1.0mm Optical Fiber

Other Removeable Red PVC Dust Cap On Each End

Performance Data Bandwidth 32-Bit

Bitrate 125 Mbps

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

What is the cable used for?

It connects devices such as CD players, Blu-Ray players, DVD players and game consoles to a receiver or preamplifier for digital audio. For example, a Toslink cable could be used to connect a Blu-Ray player to a surround sound system.

Will the cable work with every audio disc?

Toslink cables are unable to transmit some newer audio formats, such as TrueHD and DTS-HD. These newer formats require an HDMI connection. This is a limitation of Toslink technology in general, rather than the cable.

What is digital audio?

It is high-quality technology that records, stores and reproduces sound by encoding an audio signal in digital form instead of analog form. In digital form, information is translated into binary (0’s and 1’s), which doesn’t degrade over time and makes it easy to compress.

What is fiber optics?

It is data transmission through a very thin optical fiber in the cable. This method offers many advantages over ordinary copper wire, including electrical isolation, no electromagnetic interference or radiation, broad bandwidth over a long distance, light weight and small diameter cabling.

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Toslink Cable - Optical Digital Audio Cable (10 Feet)

Toslink Cable - Optical Digital Audio Cable (10 Feet)


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