ULTRA Series Digital Audio Coaxial Cable (Black – 15 Feet)

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  • Gold Plated Split-Tip Turbine Style Connectors Ensure The Best Connectivity
  • Dual Shielded
  • Flexible Yet Durable PVC Jacket
  • Variety Of Lengths Available
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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Shields Up

ULTRA Series cables utilize Dual Shielding which is comparable to standard RG6 to keep out EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

Premium Connectors

Gold plated, split-tip turbine style RCA connectors ensure the best high contact pressure & conductivity between your cable & your device.

The Long & Short

Whether you want a clutter-free short connection or you want to plug in your device from across the room, we have a variety of lengths to fit your needs.


A soft yet durable PVC jacket creates a flexible cable alongside the thicker conductors & substantial shielding we use for a premium build quality.




Length & Color 15 Feet Black

Connector 1 Type RCA

Widest Dimension 13mm

Thickest Dimension 13mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 44mm

Connector 2 Type RCA

Widest Dimension 13mm

Thickest Dimension 13mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 44mm

Cable Specification RG6

Jacket PVC

Outer Diameter 7.2mm

Conductor High Electric Conductivity Copper Clad Steel

Dielectric Nitrogen Injected Foamed PE

Shielding Layer 1 100% Coverage Mylar Backed Aluminum Foil

Shielding Layer 2 Copper Clad Steel Braiding (16x8x0.1mm)

Performance Capacitance 56.5 pF/m

Impedance 75 Ohm

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

What is the cable used for?

It connects HDTV’s, Blu-Ray players, DVD players, game consoles, DVR’s, cable boxes, satellite boxes, subwoofer speakers and more to digital audio receivers or sound systems.

Can this cable be used for video as well?

Yes, this cable is compatible with composite video units, in addition to audio.

What if I have multiple units for a stereo-like setup?

You’ll also need an RCA Y-adapter, which accurately splits and transfer the audio signal of this cable for a stereo hookup.

Is there a difference between this type of cable and other RCA cables?

This cable is compatible with many devices. For example, this cable will work with digital audio and video interfaces.

What is ULTRA Series?

The ULTRA Series cable is the original, high-quality cable from Mediabridge. It is made from premium materials, for a pro-grade output.

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ULTRA Series Digital Audio Coaxial Cable (Black - 15 Feet)

ULTRA Series Digital Audio Coaxial Cable (Black - 15 Feet)


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