USB 2.0 – USB Extension Cable – A Male to A Female (10 Feet)


  • Extend Any USB Cable
  • 480Mbps Error-Free Data Transfer
  • Flexible PVC Jacket
  • Gold-Plate Contacts
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


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SKU: 30-002-10B

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Going The Distance

Need a long cable? Mediabridge USB extension cables will get your connection to where it needs to be.

Snugly Plugged

Mediabridge USB extension cables are designed to provide a secure connection so that the cable does not come unplugged unless you want it unplugged.

Gold Plated

Gold plated contacts prevent corrosion and create a low-resistance connection to your device.

Shields Up

Mediabridge USB cables are well shielded to prevent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and crosstalk. Each pair of conductors is first twisted, then covered in aluminum foil and then in aluminum braiding.

SKU 30-002-10B



Length 10 Feet

Connector 1 Type USB 2.0 A Male - Gold Plating

Widest Dimension 16mm

Thickest Dimension 8.5mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 37.5mm

Connector 2 Type USB 2.0 A Female - Gold Plating

Widest Dimension 18mm

Thickest Dimension 12mm

Exposed Length When Plugged In 39.5mm

Cable Jacket PVC

Shielding Layer 1 Mylar Backed Aluminum Foil

Shielding Layer 2 Aluminum Braiding (16x6x0.12mm)

Outer Diameter 4.5mm

Power Conductors (2) 26AWG (7/0.16mm) Tinned Copper

Data Conductors (2) Twisted 28AWG (7/0.127mm) Tinned Copper

Performance Date Transfer Rate 480Mbps

Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty

Will this extend my charging cable?

Yes, you can extend your charging cable however there may be a slight decrease in power and therefore charging speed depending on how long your existing cable may be.

Can I extend Apple Lightning or 30-Pin cables with this cable?

Yes, you can. In some instances your Apple device may display a warning that the cable or accessory is not MFi certified but you can dismiss that message and rest assured that it will continue to work properly.

Will it work to extend gaming accessories like a Skylanders portal?

Any gaming accessories that connect to your game console or PC via USB can be extended with this cable.

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USB 2.0 - USB Extension Cable - A Male to A Female (10 Feet)

USB 2.0 - USB Extension Cable - A Male to A Female (10 Feet)


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